News Reporters Unknowingly Biased

Where do you go for your latest news updates? CNN? NBC? FOX? Everyone has that one source they know they will agree with their opinions and trust their facts. Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to find a news source that will only state the facts without being the tiniest bit biased. Conservative people tend to use the news sites like Fox News, Wall Street Journal or The Drudge Report while the more liberal people tend to use CNN, The Huffington Post and Newsweek. These news sources have the power to sway someone’s thoughts a certain way, give them a slightly opinionated perspective on the story and possibly even twist the facts. When hearing the stories in the news, I solely want to hear the facts without the biased bits sprinkled in, so I decided to compare the same story from two different sources, one conservative and one liberal.

imagesThe story I chose was about a man, falsely accused of a murder, who was just released after ten years in prison. Both sources, CNN and FOX, had both a video and an article but they focused on very different aspects of this whole situation. For example, the CNN report had a one-on-one interview with the man, Ryan Ferguson, and pinpointed his feelings while in prison, when he found out he was freed, and then how he is dealing with everything now. CNN barely stated facts about the actual court case and why he was accuse in the first place. In fact the only aspect of the original case was when the reporters asked Ryan about his thoughts about his friend who had a “dreamlike” testimony that got him in jail. Ryan then responded by saying he holds few grudges against an old pal whose bogus testimony landed him in prison for a decade. In fact, he said, Charles Erickson should be a free man, too.
On the other hand, when looking at the same story on Fox, I learned different facts about the whole situation. While watching the Fox video, they showed a clip of a speech he gave, never directly asking him any questions like CNN did. The reporters were focused more on the beginning story and how Ryan was put from one place to another, they were concerned with the logistics of the court cases, the attorney and focused on how he was finally released after ten years. Both of the news sites were covering the same story, neither one had incorrect or contradictory information but both made a unique stance on the issue at hand.
Everyone has their favorite shows, websites and routines. Getting stuck in their own bubble, people never test their beliefs or question their sources. News and media has an incredibly strong impact on how thousands of citizens receive information about what is happening in politics, wars, and crimes. If these reports are biased, then the people’s opinions will be biased, which should not be okay. The previous example given proves the point that the reporters can only report so much, and they are going to choice the information they want to give. Every source will have different approaches and different focus to the story or case, which is imperative for anyone to see. Everyone should be given the facts, that is it. I urge other citizens to look beyond their usual bubble and explore other perspectives and other sides of the story, to not only fully comprehend the circumstance but see other sides of the story as well.

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