Where do you go to catch up on what’s happening in the political world?

More and more people are turning to social media for political news. Social media provides real time updates that come directly from the source; for example maybe a tweet straight from President Obama’s twitter explaining why he is going to veto a bill. In 2012 more people were using social media, like Facebook and twitter, for political news than people were even using social media at all in 2008. In 2012, according to a study done by Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project, 60% of American adults were using social media and those numbers are growing.6C7089488-engage_blocks_desktop_large Interestingly enough adults who use social media politically that make less than $10,000 are just as politically involved in social media as those who make more than $150,000. 6C7089487-graph1_blocks_desktop_largeSocial media appeals to people from all walks of life just life it appeals to all politicians. With so many people using social media what a better way to share your feelings about the Affordable Healthcare Act then send out a tweet to all your followers. Almost all politicians have twitters and Facebooks but some take it even further. Rep. Eric Swalwell from California vined his “nay” vote on an anti-abortion bill. The scary thing about social media for politicians is it’s permanent. Even if something is deleted after being posted on the internet it is never truly gone; thousands of people could have seen the post even if it was up for only a minute. That is why most politicians have some who manages their social media. It is extremely important that politicians tweet or post or vine or instagram things especially targeted at either their election or reelection. Everything we and others post online is open and sharable.

Social media is political parties’ newest and biggest tool. Since social media is so permanent and influential today, it needs to be the parties’ job to organize and manage social media for their politicians.untitled There is no way social media could replace parties as key organizing and fundraising networks because social media can hurt just as much as it can help if not correctly managed. With great power, like the ability to post to social media, comes great responsibility.  An excellent example of this is Anthony Weiner, a former senator from New York. With two sexting scandals under his belt along with a not so nice YouTube video of him that went viral I would say social media basically ruined his political career. This is a learning opportunity for both parties. If the heads of the democratic party had better managed Weiners’ twitter the second sexting scandal could have been less explosive seeing that it wouldn’t have been on twitter. Political parties should not let politicians manage their own social media. Everyone politician needs to have someone especially on the payroll just to manage Facebook, twitter, vine, and instagram accounts and parties should enforce that.

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