50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary for the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So far our TVs. our Twitters, our Facebooks, our Instagrams have been flooded with news reports on conspiracy theories both new and old and the continuous retelling of the story on what happened November 22,1963. A lot of people ask themselves, why does this still matter? Why are we still hearing about this?President-John-F-Kennedy2Bwith2Bjackie2Btwo2Bin2Bseat

We are getting into a new generation of people that can no longer be asked the all heard question of “Where were you when you heard JFK was shot?” We are getting into a new generation of people that were not alive at the time he was assassinated or were too young to remember. For example, I am seventeen years old, and I cannot relate to those who were alive and remember this horrific event in history. However, just because some of us were not alive at the time, or were not old enough to remember does not mean that this event is no longer significant.

When I hear about this assassination I think to myself how it seems as though it is a mythical story. The young handsome athletic man getting murdered at the height of his glory. Many people talk about Kennedy being the most charming, the most handsome, the most idealistic man and then he gets murdered instantly. In the four days after the assassination, televisions ran on an average of thirty-two hours. Almost every American was watching the same story told by the same newscast day after day after day. For these few days the United States truly became united. All watching the same thing for days on end all asking themselves “Who did this?”jfk-in-his-own-words-1024

Those that are tired of hearing the new and old Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories or the stories of how it happened, you continually disappoint me. Most of these people are the people that were not around at the time of this horrific event and I am sure they would think differently if they were alive. However, if you were not around or were just too young to remember is it really a big deal to you if our 35th President has a day or one week at the most dedicated to him? I believe for one week it is completely okay to have social media and television repeatedly telling this story. I do not mind having my Twitter and Facebook page full of tweets saying something as simple as “RIP JFK” or my Instagram full of pictures of Kennedy. Is it not important for those that were not alive at the time to gain some historical knowledge on one of the most well-known assassinations? And most importantly, I believe out of respect to his family we all need to be aware of this tragic event. My hope would be that as time passes Americans continue to remember events in history whether they were around for it or not.



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