One Shutdown to Rule Them All

The time for Congress to pass the new budget for the federal government has come and gone, resulting in a partial shutdown of the federal government. While the United States cannot afford to send home our police officers or armed forces for fear of global anarchy, the country can do without a few museums and national parks. If history is any guide, our federally employed public service workers will take a week or two off from work, and receive a paycheck immediately upon their return. Unfortunately, those employed by the federal government will not be able to return to their posts until Congress sorts out the budget, a seemingly impossible task assigned to politicians who so far are unwilling to compromise.


The Republican Party is getting most of the blame for the shutdown of the government, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner, as it is the party that controls the house and has not passed a bill that includes funding for the Affordable Care Act. A poll taken by the Associated Press shows that 62 percent of Americans believe that the GOP is to blame for the crisis that our government is facing. Because the Republicans refuse to fund the Affordable Care Act, a budget was not finalized in time, and consequently the government was shut down. The leverage that the GOP thought they had on the left to defund Obamacare did not pan out, and now they have found themselves in a pit of disapproval because of their unwillingness to accept that the Affordable Care Act will continue to go into action. The only way the Republican Party will be able to recover from this hit is in the event of the failure of the Affordable Care Act. If Obamacare hurts the economy as much as Republicans think it will, then they will be able to tell every Democrat “We told ya so” in front of the American People, a distant and uncertain light at the end of the tunnel for leaders of the Republican Party who have led this charge.

While most of America seems to think that the Republican Party is the reason that the government has been partially shutdown, it is certain that the blame can go both ways. While Republicans have tried to evade Obamacare by defunding the Affordable Care Act, the Senate, which is controlled by the Democratic Party, has not shown any willingness to compromise with the House of Representatives. The Senate has denied all three of the emergency funding bills that the House has Passed in the time that the government has been shutdown, standing by the premise that they do not have to compromise by defunding Obamacare, the largest change in National Policy to be brought about by the left since the New Deal. After passing through both branches of Congress, being signed by President Obama, and upheld by the Supreme Court, the left claims that they do not have to dispose of the Affordable Care Act because it has gone through all of the necessary procedures to become a part of public policy, and that the House of Representatives should do its job by passing the budget including the Affordable Care Act.

Because neither side seems willing to budge on their conditions to fund the federal government, a compromise is what will almost certainly be the end to the partial shutdown of the federal government. One of the many impressive features of our bipartisan democracy is the inevitability of the necessity of compromise between the two parties. Both sides of the political spectrum have interesting and valid arguments in the crisis of a government shutdown that we as a country are facing at this time, and only time will tell who will give way in this high stakes game of political chicken.


CNN News channel over the past ten days

Fox News channel over the past ten days


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