Frisk it to get the biscuit

The Stop and Frisk law allows police to stop, question, and frisk any citizen that is found reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. The controversy presented by this law is whether or not the law is defying the Fourth Amendment and how this law is causing concerns on racial profiling. The Fourth Amendment gives “the right of the people to be secure in their persons […] against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath of affirmation […].”


The majority of people getting stopped and frisked are Hispanics and African Americans. This is what raises serious concerns on racial profiling. Because of the discrimination occurring, citizens begin to lose trust in officers and see them as villains and not as people who are trying to help stop violence. As a young female I understand and appreciate the attempt to better improve the streets by making the stop and frisk law, but as a Hispanic I do not feel comfortable with this law and I see it as a way to invade privacy due to appearance. I am in no way saying that I would think otherwise if I was a white female, I am just stating that I better understand the threat of having no privacy that is present to those who are Hispanic. Your appearance is what determines whether or not you will be frisked. African Americans and Hispanics are falsely represented due to their skin color and appearance. The law degrades them and embarrasses them as they are frisked and treated as they had done something wrong in public. No one enjoys invasion of privacy and that is exactly what stopping and frisking is doing. This lawdefies the Fourth Amendment and gives a stranger the authority to stop you during your day to pat you down and invade your privacy.imagesCA4W7Y0S

Although the law proves to be unfair to minorities it provides evidence to be unjust to officers as well. Minorities have been given this image of being criminals and being violent. There is no denying the fact that minorities are looked at this way because of past experiences. Officers see this as well and use these facts to determine who to stop and frisk. I believe that some officers are falsely accused of being racist when doing their job by stopping a citizen who is a minority and who is acting suspicious. Not all minorities can use their skin color as an excuse to call an officer racist. If anyone seems to have suspicious behavior they may be in danger of being stopped and frisked. I do believe some officers being racist due to their constant stopping and frisking of minorities. If there were no officers that proved to be racist and taking advantage of the stopping and frisking law, no citizens would be so passionately angered by this law.

Stop and Frisk was intended to better improve the safety of citizens and help lower crime rate but instead made citizens feel uncomfortable and threatened. shares that “There is no conclusive evidence directly linking the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk policy to the overall decrease in crime rates or to the slight decrease in shootings.” The law has cause more stir than help. Stopping and frisking civilians embarrasses and downgrades them. It creates controversy on racial profiling and depicts police officers as malicious. Although this law has decreased some violence, it denies citizens their privacy and authority to walk the streets without being accused of seeming suspicious and has made minorities feel like the main problem. The stop and frisk law is a flawed law that does more harm than good.









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