The Tragedy of Syria

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the atrocious situation in Syria and how the whole world reacted. I always feel like there is a revolution happening in the Middle East. First it was Libya, then Egypt, and now Syria. I’ve followed the Syria situation much more than the others so I feel that my opinion has more of a basis behind it.  President al-Assad used chemical weapons on his own revolting people which is viewed as the one of the most heinous war crimes. Not only is he killing his own people, but he’s all doing it in a cruel manner. It sounds bad but I think it would have been better if he just lined them up and shot them, giving them a quick death. I don’t think what al-Assad did was right, but I’m  not of the opinion that America should have done something to stop him. The revolution in Syria is terrible and some of my morals really try and make me want to help, but I’ve taken the time to think about the pros and cons. We have our own problems as a nation, it’s not smart to try and get more. Why should we make other people’s problems ours anyways? It’s not our business so we should keep to ourselves and let them handle it.

I was talking with my father around the time President Obama said that America would do something before he changed his mind and pushed a vote to Congress. We both agreed that President Obama should have acted differently. I didn’t want America to get involved at first but when the President said that we would, I felt like we should have. America gave its word to step in if al-Assad crossed the line and he did. Why did we send this issue to Congress? Why didn’t we just stay true to our word? I think it was a mistake to say we would get involved in the first place, especially considering the fact that we were the only nation wanting to get involved. It made us look unloyal as a country when we hesitated, which is something we don’t want our allies seeing. We gave the Syrian people hope, only to postpone our decision for several days. That doesn’t seem right to me. I thought America had a better sense of honor than that.

Since the debate in Congress over military action in Syria, al-Assad agreed to give up all of his chemical weapons to the United Nations. It’s a victory for America in a certain sense because we don’t have to do make a decision anymore, but I still question all that has happened. What if al-Assad didn’t give up all of his chemical weapons? What if America intervened in Syria’s affairs? Russia is aligned with Syria and they said publicly that they wouldn’t sit idly by while America indirectly hurts their economy. It sort of feels like the Cold War all over again. I truly think that we might have gotten into a third World War if Congress voted for military action, that’s what conflicts me on this issue. Should we risk the safety our country’s innocent people or should we break our word because we made a promise we shouldn’t have made? We are always getting into other country’s foreign affairs and it causes us more trouble than we bargain for. America needs to stop trying to be the police of the world. Unless it directly affects us, we should stay out of it and not get involved. It sounds selfish but America has to look out for itself before it can even consider helping someone else.

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