The Horrors in Syria

The Death toll from the use of chemical weapons in Syria sits somewhere above 1300 people, and almost 3600 more were injured in some form. I think that the sheer amount of pain being caused by this governing body was shocking. I truly believe that chemical weapons should not be used in any situation, especially on that of innocent people. Whatever reason that a Government leader could have to use chemical weapons on people of his country is beyond me. I feel that the use of these weapons have no true benefit for the leader anyways, because of the exact thing that happened, the world learned about his actions.Image

America being the “police” of the world thought it was their job to go into this foreign country and put a stop to these actions. As I stated before, this whole epidemic should have never happen and was truly terrible, but putting the United States in harm for this reason would not have been the best idea. Within the US alone, there are many problems that have not been resolved, so undergoing something of that magnitude would present larger problems. The problems that the US undergoes might not have the gravity of the actions of the Syrian government, but after a more than ten year war held in the Middle East more fighting would not be the best answer to this problem.

The involvement of Russia was also frightening to say the least, because any time major counties have a conflict with the United States there is concerns to be had. Russia had a long standing history of trading goods with Syria, and developed quite a strong relationship. This being said, Russia would support Syria in this situation especially if the United States was to use military force. This situation has the potential to evolve into an escalating problem that could eventually lead to a war.

From the point in time that I gained the knowledge of the actions of the Syrian government, I thought a more passive approach would be more beneficial to all parties involved. I relies this is far easier said than done, and the US government would probably look for a passive way of resolving the problem before moving to more aggressive actions. I just hoped that everybody involved in the situation would come to a compromise without military action.

Once I learned about the Syrian leader meeting with the United Nations and forming a passive agreement to not use chemical weapons on his own people, I almost felt a sense of relief even though I have no direct link to these problems. I felt that this meeting came at just the right time, because if this meeting would not have happened military action from the United States would have eventually been used. If we got caught up as long as we have in the Middle East, then it would be possible for it to happen again, which would benefit nobody.


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