Cat burns itself alive because it is bored of Syria in the news

Right now, whenever I hear the name “Syria”, I just want to cover my ears, as I do with many other trending political topics. It makes me frustrated whenever we talk about this touchy situation because it always results in two extreme options: war or isolationism. While I like to keep my opinion versatile and factual, the information and reasoning on both sides of the spectrum leaves me perplexed. Why would we want either of those? If we were to not go to war, there would be more Syrian casualties, and surrounding countries would get the impression that if someone crosses Pres. Obama’s ‘red-line’, no consequences would come of it. Whereas if we did go to war, it would rustle unnecessary feathers, and it would be expensive.

As I researched both arguments, I noticed that I agreed with bits and pieces of each, as well as disagreed. But we all have one common theme and ultimate goal: peace. And then I thought… Why can’t we meet somewhere in the middle of isolationism and war? I thought some more. And turns out we can. What if, instead of launching missiles and bad attitudes, we sent humanitarian aid to the rebels of the Free Syrian Army? Again, just a thought.
America supports democracy, no? Well, so does the Free Syrian Army.

Some people are concerned with Al-Qaeda’s involvement, and yes, their involvement is something to be concerned about. However, we should have CIA in Syria, right now, figuring out who is with each rebel group. Because it is not just the Syrian government v. the rebels, + Al-Qaeda. There are many different and separated clusters of rebels. America should support the Free Syrian Army through supplies, food, and medical aid. By doing this, America would be helping the democratic rebels overthrow and rebuild the Syrian government. We would be indirectly at ‘war’ with Bashar Al Assad, but our troops and missiles would never have to be deployed and we would be taking direct action in response to the crossing of the “red-line”.

I know that since I am young and not the president, that my say does not truly make a difference in how these political choices will pan out. Until I began my own personal research, I discovered that it is definitely possible to find that “happy medium”. But I’m confused as to why this peaceful and, dare I say, sneaky option has not risen to major headlines yet? I’m concerned that with my generation, as well as any generation that uses social media frequently, is uninformed. I’m uninformed! I’m uninformed because I’m lazy and don’t want to look this stuff up. I already see my Facebook page and see my two options to side with: war and isolationism. I see all that I needed to see. I see all that I think I need to see. But… that’s all that I can see.

My true observation regarding Syria is not to butcher anyone else’s ideas and say that “I have a plan that beats yours”, but to observe that I am uninformed and that I can’t blame being uninformed on anyone else but myself. It is my responsibility, and I feel like many people, like myself, thought that what was on the headlines or news feeds, was all there was to it. I read two recent pieces in New York Times newspaper and Times magazine that gave me a lot of credible information in a small articles. I honestly haven’t searched anything into my Google Toolbar, or ever truly read the newspaper, in ample depth regarding Syria, until this assignment. And I’m happy that I got to.

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